MVMT Marketing is an independent, marketing, promotional and sales firm that specializes in promotional marketing and sales strategies that help keep our clients rise above their competition in today's market. MVMT Marketing provides hands on training and mentorship programs to every team member, which allows us to provide exceptional results for our clients regardless of the product, service or type of consumer. Our goal is to be the #1 choice for all our clients, while finding the right team members who can excel in this industry and grow their professional careers. 

Our Team

Harry Choi

Founder & CEO

Sweakshya Bista

HR Manager

Our Culture


Organic Growth

At MVMT Marketing we believe in promoting within our organization. We refuse to limit someones mind or perspective to one role. Instead, we take a entrepreneurial approach by providing the training necessary for someone to grow into the next level of the organization. We believe in cross training, maximizing the value an individual brings to our company, and maximizing their potential.

Hands-On Training

Every employee at MVMT Marketing receives one on one training; ongoing workshops on public speaking, time management, communication, and marketing and sales tactics are always offered here. We believe in continuing to train and develop our team and offering them additional resources to grow.

Networking Events

Our team is offered networking opportunities throughout the year, both in the US and Internationally, to network, brainstorm, and continue learning. These events open team members to new ways of thinking and keep their roles exciting! By bringing on self motivated, competitive individuals, and by placing an emphasis on networking, we can insure that our team stays on top of the industry.



" If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself"  - Henry Ford

At MVMT Marketing we understand our greatest asset is our team. We promote a family-oriented team environment, where provide mentorship programs and constant training so they can not only grow professionally, but personally as well.

211 N Ervay St.

Dallas, TX


(469) 283-8302

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